Mattanchère Spice
Matured Plum Cake

The centuries old mattanchere spice is a popular Christmas cake. Fort Kochi is a hub of such thriving spice trade.

It’s a joyful season and we keep up the tradition!! The Mattanchere spice cake is a great tribute to the famous spice market in Mattancherry. It’s not a quick task; ingredients are sourced from far and wide early at the beginning of the year. It’s a huge process and so, the taste is mind-blowing. We get the real taste of yummy plum cake with deeply soaked raisins and other spices. Honey infused raisins; candied orange peel, candied ginger flakes, nutmeg, etc are the major ingredients. It’s a traditional gift hamper for your Christmas celebration!! Get a taste of history in every single slice!!


When it comes to any celebration in the family or among friends, we don't think of any other place other than Pandhal. We simply know that we will never be disappointed. From your cakes to your sandwiches, we love them all.

Elsa, Kakkanad

My kids are always delighted to go the Pandhal Cake Shop. Not any other sweet shop but Pandhal. For our younger sons birthday party, all items were from Pandhal. I can say, you guys are the best in the city.

Ajith, Mangalore

Every bakery sells Blackforest cake, but you haven't tried the real Blackforest until you have tried it from Pandhal. Big Fan!

Radhika, Panampilly Nagar

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