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    What we all now know and love as the ‘Pandhal Cake shop’ was originally founded as the Pandhal Restaurant, at MG Road Kochi in 1984 by the same promoters as of the CGH Earth. Pandhal has blossomed into a commercial and creative success through its multiple cake shops and it continues to be an esteemed destination for Kochi’s tastemakers who can’t get enough of our delights. Everything we bake, make or sell speaks our passion for artisan methods, quality ingredients and delicious food.

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    Mattancherry, this vivacious small town not far from where we started our family business was always close to our hearts . This ancient centre of spice trade always called out to us, as a place for sharpening the diversity we celebrate and still remains a permanent source of inspiration. And it is small wonder that we call our offering from the classics, the Matured Plum Cake as the “Mattanchère Spice”. With this recipe we have adhered to classics with strict reverence. And people who come to us see this perfection of artistry in baking and share our celebration and joy. Come Christmas and we are busy baking, packing and shipping orders for this flagship product of ours to patrons around the world.

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    • GCDA Complex, Panampilly Nagar., Kochi, Kerala
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