Matured Plum Cake


Let us tell you that relishing on a plum cake can be definitely classified as one of the finest pleasures of life. Every plum cake has a story to tell about the family or the tradition that has made it. Bakers and families take pride in the whole cake making process, with the cake mixing occasion being a grand ceremony by itself. The preparations to make a Matured Plum Cake usually starts 6-7 months in advance. The cake mix is a closely guarded recipe and it is what makes every plum cake distinct from any other.

The Festive Cake:
This cake has embodied the spirit of Christmas since centuries. Rather, no Christmas Eve dinner is complete without the Classic Plum Cake. Even the story behind its inception is intertwined with Christmas celebration. The story goes that in the early days people used to eat a simple porridge on Christmas Eve followed by a day of fasting. Later, they just added dried fruits and spices to make it special for Christmas. Soon the heavy mixture was wrapped in cloth and boiled instead of being cooked to make the Christmas plum pudding. Down the years, as a part of the evolution, flour replaced oatmeal, and eggs and butter were added to bind the pudding better. In fact, the plum cake is only a variation of this plum pudding.
In its present form, the plum cake originated from England around the 1700s. As its name suggests, the cake is prepared using plum as the key ingredient. Packed with nutritious nuts and dried fruits, this moist, dark brown cake is as delicious as it is wholesome.

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